Like many businesses, VereGood started as a traditional brick and mortar store as a retailer of a variety of products, mostly focused around health and nutrition. More than 40 years ago those humble beginnings saw the CEO transition from operating a retail store, to entering IT. It was through IT that the relationship between his first love and his now newfound passion began to blossom.

Today, VereGood has a global target market with a reach that extends to nearly every corner of the world. As an ecommerce platform, our products and services can be ordered through our platform online platform.

Taking it a step further, the days of the local mom and pop store are not long gone. Although the giants have certainly encapsulated the market, VereGood provides the same platform to other vendors and retailers to sell their products. In these pandemic times, it’s more important than ever that we support each other, and VereGood does just that by allowing retailers that still operate traditionally, to bridging the gap and providing their products and services online, through a platform that is seamlessly integrated and extremely user friendly.

The whole focus around VereGood from the very beginning is to give mom and pop, local retailers a fighting chance and not go out of business.

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